Dynaire Covid 19 Update

Our team has been researching the documentation pertaining to the COVID 19 virus. We have been reviewing the various guidelines that have been prepared by the CDC, OSHA, EPA, and New York State. In addition, we have been in touch with our suppliers and manufactures for additional information on the available types of products and equipment available to our industry.

Based on our finding, we are suggesting to install higher efficiency filters (Merv), and increase the amount of outside air to help dilute potential contaminates.

´╗┐However, high efficiency filters, depending on their ratings, create some issues with the performance of the heating and air conditioning system.

As a first measure, installing MERV 8 or 10 filters will improve the air quality in the your buildings, but will not completely contain the smaller particles that might be associated with Covid 19. Only high performance filters, 13 Merv or greater, can be 85% effective.

We are working on other solutions, including modifying ductwork and or installing fan powered filter boxes which will allow the use of high efficiency filters, but both approaches will be a more costly solution.

The following measures should be considered to improve the indoor air quality.

  • Increase outdoor air ventilation; with a lower population in the building, this increases the effective dilution ventilation per person.
  • Improve central air filtration by installing MERV high efficiency filters.
  • Keep systems running longer hours, if possible 24/7, to enhance the two actions above.
  • Ensure that the HVAC system has been inspected and operating properly.
  • Consider portable room air cleaners with HEPA filters.
  • Consider HVAC germicidal UV fixtures within the ductwork or equipment.